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Life drawings by Steve Warburton and sculpture by John Wooller.

This exhibition brings together the core practices of drawing and sculpture by two exciting and widely exhibited and collected local artists.

Steve Warburton has established a reputation for his moody psychological narrative paintings, and in this show we see another side of his art. The figure is one of the classical challenges for artists, and these stunning life drawings show a fresh power and direct honesty that sets him apart as an artist of note.




John Wooller’s extensive exhibition history includes winning the inaugural Tesselaar sculpture prize in September ‘08. He is showing recent works in wood, metal and stone that celebrate modern sculpture as abstracted narrative.



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Tilt Contemporary Art presents:

“Contemplations” – Sculpture by John Wooller and life drawings by Steve Warburton              

Oct 23- Nov 16,  2008:  Thu, Fri 12 – 6 pm.  Sat, Sun 12 – 5 pm.                                          

Opening celebration:  5  – 7  pm  Saturday,  October 25

Steven Warburton:

Steven is an exciting painter with a well established reputation for his surreal and moody canvases. Living and working in Emerald, Victoria, he has consented to show us another side of his art. The figure is one of the classical challenges for artists, and this exhibition of Steven’s life drawings gives us the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishment and honesty the artist can bring to this practice. The works were drawn on Wednesday nights in a private studio in Fitzroy.


John Wooller:


Most of these pieces involve some element of journey or, more accurately, moments of rest and stillness at points of significance along the way. Places of reverence and their associated legends are made tangible.


Through conventional abstraction of the original idea from the particular to the universal the melancholy romance of the long-distance traveler is evoked. Each piece has a story to tell or, more particularly, represents the essence of that story. The works are hints or clues to thoughts by the artist about the remote thoughts of another. Meaning has to be teased out of the works; quiet contemplation is thereby rewarded.


Renaissance, contains allusions to Leonardo’s ‘Measure of Man’; Partners in Dreams, calls to mind the shared experience of adventures.


The pieces A Melancholy Hermit, Sailing on Cherry Blossoms, and A Cloistered Heart began their own journeys in Japanese legends involving solitude and the contemplative life of the mind.


When we learn that Regeneration and Cultivating Bridges spring from the same Japanese myth in which a twin-trunk pine tree regenerates itself after being cut down for bridge timbers we look for connections and find them in the form and its execution.


Gothic Maze, in the style of the Romantic Revival, is based on soaring Cathedral architecture and floor mazes.


All these works are the product of a mature artist at ease with himself, someone who knows what he means and tries to convey it to others through simple yet sophisticated works.





John Wooller


Selected Solo Exhibitions                 

                Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, 2008

                Pollock Gallery, Melbourne, 2007

                Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, 2007

                Windows on Church, Melbourne, 2000

                Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, 2000

                Goya Galleries, Melbourne, 2000

                Red Hill Gallery 141, Red Hill, 1999

                Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, 1999

                Customs Wharf Gallery, Williamstown, 1999

                The Forest Gallery, Batemans Bay, 1996

                Porters Gallery, Sydney, 1995

                Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney, 1995

                The Forest Gallery, Batemans Bay, 1994


Selected Group Exhibitions        

                Tesselaar Sculpture Prize, 2008

                Forestrysa Wood Sculpture Competition, Mt Gambier, 2008

                Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual Exhibition 2008

                Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, 2008

                Herring Island Summer Arts Festival, Melbourne, 2008               

                Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual Exhibition, 2007    

                Pollock Gallery, Melbourne, 2003

                Galeria Aniela, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, 2003

                Yarra Sculpture Space, Melbourne, 1998

                Turning Plus, Arizona, USA 1996

                Galleria Aniela, Kangaroo Valley, NSW, 1996

                National Sculpture Forum, Canberra, 1995              

                Challenge V, Touring USA, 1994-1997

                Association of Sculptors of Victoria Annual 

                Exhibition, 1993, 1994, 1996

                Contemporary Art Society of Victoria, April 1993; October 1993

                Australian Wood Design Exhibition, 1993, 1994, 1995

                Victorian Woodworkers Association 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995



Winner, Tesselaar Sculpture Prize 2008

William Hoggan Thomas Memorial Award, Association of  Sculptors of Victoria, 2007 and 1996



Bibliography:  Reviews of work including:-              

                Craft Arts International, 2007

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                Craft Victoria, 1995                          



Represented in corporate and private collections in Australia, USA, Canada and Scotland.




Steve Warburton


2008    Lost souls in a fish bowl      Solo Exhibition      Pivotal Gallery - Melbourne

2008    One of these days          Solo Exhibition      Frances Keevil Gallery - Sydney

2007    Tilting the herd         Solo Exhibition      Pivotal Gallery - Melbourne

2006    If metal had memory       Solo Exhibition      Pivotal Gallery - Melbourne

2005    Wasteland                  Solo Exhibition      Pivotal Gallery - Melbourne

2003    Life Drawings            Solo Exhibition      Tilt Gallery - Melbourne

1999    Slow Catastrophes         Solo Exhibition      helen gory galerie - Melbourne

1997    Journeys End            Solo Exhibition      helen gory galerie - Melbourne

1994    Recent Paintings            Solo Exhibition      Kirkaldy Davies Galleries - Melbourne


2008    Blake Prize                Final Selection Exhibition - Sydney

2008    ANL contemporary art prize & Exhibition – Finalist

2008    Art Melbourne           Royal Exhibition Buildings       Associated - Pivotal Gallery

2007    ANL contemporary art prize & Exhibition – Finalist

2007    9 x 5 show                  Melbourne Savage Club     

2007    Art Melbourne           Royal Exhibition Buildings       Associated - Pivotal Gallery

2007    Pivotal Gallery Artists    Group Exhibition - Feb      Pivotal Gallery

2006    ANL contemporary art prize & Exhibition – Finalist.

2006    Maldon Group Show            Penny School Gallery       Maldon

2006    Art Melbourne           Royal Exhibition Buildings       Associated - Pivotal Gallery

2004    Affordable Art Show       Royal Exhibition Buildings       Associated - Tilt Gallery

2004    Tilt Group Exhibition     Group Exhibition          Tilt Gallery


2000    Summer Show           Group Exhibition          helen gory galerie

1993    Surrealists Exhibition    Group Exhibition          Kirkaldy Davies Galleries

1992    Chadstone Arts Festival      Shop Installations and giant wall projections

1990    Seven Sees               Group Exhibition          Victorian Ministry for the arts

1989    Graduate Exhibition       Group Exhibition          Caulfield Arts complex

1989    Student Works          Group Exhibition          RMIT Gallery

1989    Lacato Peace Prize        Group Exhibition          Monash Univ.




1987-1989 Ba Fine Arts               Monash University Melb. Aust.

1982-1986 Part Time Study        Melbourne School of Art


2006    Michael De Valle – Collection of short stories    Cover Illustration

2005    Page seventeen Magazine – Issue 2         Cover Illustration/Selected Work

2005    Pendulum Magazine      - 2005                   Selected Work

1997    Verandah Magazine                         Selected Works

1996    Ars Poetica III                              Cover Illustration


Private collections: Bangkok, Seattle – Wa, USA, Melbourne, Adelaide, Q.C. Chambers – Melbourne. Australian Catholic University, Melbourne. Whitehorse City Council collection


2007    Art Beat – Radio, Joy FM 

1997    Channel 31 – public television

Some Images

John Wooller

Steve Warburton

“Sailing on cherry blossoms”