Manfred Krautschneider - Selected exhibition history

Note that Manfred Krautschneider exhibited as "Man Fred" 2002 - 2010

Note reverse order
From To Gallery Title Medium Art Exhibition Link
30 Oct 9 Jan '22 Gosford Regional Gallery Gosford Art Prize Contemporary Photography  
26 Nov 21 Dec & Gallery Australia - Sorrento Light and space are liuid - The surreal abstract reflections Contemporary Photography  
18 May 26 May Strathpine, Queensland, Australia Moreton Bay Art Award Painitng  
1 April 2 June Wyndham Gallery, Werribee, Victoria Australia Wyndham Art Prize Contemporary Photography  
15 June 16 July Burrinja Cultural Centre - Jointly with Janine Good Pareidolia Contemporary Photography  
7 April 28 April West End Art Space Poetry of colour and space Oil Paintings  
24 Feb 22 Apr Latrobe Regional Gallery - Project Space Presentiment Photography LRG
15 July 22 July Latrobe Regional Gallery - Closed early due to unforseen circumstances - Show rescheduled at the same gallery. See above Presentiment Photography  
5 April 11 June Wyndham Gallery Wyndham Art Prize Photography  
17 May 4 June Cambridge Studio Gallery Spatial Inference Oil Paintings  
29 Oct 15 Dec Campbelltown Arts Centre Fishers Ghost Art Award Photography  
3 June 17 July Stanthorpe Regional Gallery Stanthorpe Art Prize Photography  
21 May 31 May   Moreton Bay Regional Art Award Photography  
7 April 30 April Walker Street Gallery, Dandenong, Melbourne On reflection Photography Invitation
24 Sept 3 Oct Gallery Smith Melbourne The M Collection Art Award Photography Finalists Facebook Album
29 April 16 May Red Gallery Melbourne with Olga Morris Photography  
2 June 15 June 10x8 Gallery, Sydney Suburban Reflections - 2002-14 Photography  
17 May 25 May Moreton Bay Comunity Moreton Bay Regional Art Award Photography  
9 April 26 April Red Gallery Melbourne Suburban Abstracts Photography  
21 Aug 13 Oct Caloundra Regional Gallery Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize Photography  
23 Aug 25 Aug Trinity, Lismore Finalist, Wilson Art Award Photography  
16 Apr 4 May Brenda May Gallery Sydney Suburban Reflections Photography Manfred Krautschneider
9 Feb 31 March Gold Coast City Gallery Suburban Reflections Photography Manfred Krautschneider
21 Oct 10 Nov Jackman Gallery, Melbourne Suburban Reflections Photography Manfred Krautschneider
21 Oct 10 Nov Tweed Regional Gallery Highly commended, Border Prize Photography  
4 Jan 31 Jan Tilt Contemporary Art "Thanks for all the fish" Photography and Prints Man Fred (Krautschneider)
20 Nov 30 Nov Tilt Contemporary Art Recent work Paintings Man Fred (Krautschneider)
8 May 1 June Tilt Contemporary Art "Open lines" Prints, Medium Various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Royal Exhibition Building Art Melbourne '07 various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Burrinja Gallery Melbourne "Blasphemy" various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
16 Aug 16 Sept Tilt Contemporary Art "Yes, Again !" Printmaking Man Fred (Krautschneider)
12 April 6 May Tilt Contemporary Art The first 5 years Various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
1 Nov 12 Dec Tilt Contemporary Art Man Fred- New Work Digital Photo montage Man Fred (Krautschneider)
1 July 15-Aug Tilt Contemporary Art Double exposed Photo, Digital and Painting Man Fred (Krautschneider)
1-April 14-May Tilt Contemporary Art Cause and effect Various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Gasworks, Melbourne Discovery Art Prize Various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
26 - Oct 12-Nov Tilt Contemporary Art Anti Romantic Various Man Fred
13-April 17-April Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne Affordable Art Show Various Chris Rowe, Ian Rogers, Man Fred, David Glyn Davies, Geoff Roderick
23-Mar 9 - April Tilt Contemporary Art "Fear" Mixed Man Fred (Krautschneider)
27-Oct 13-Nov Tilt Contemporary Art Photonic Dissonance Photography Man Fred (Krautschneider)
25-Aug 11-Sept Tilt Contemporary Art Why Paintings Man Fred (Krautschneider)
14-April 18-April Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne Affordable Art Show Various Ian Rogers, Chris Rowe, Man Fred (Krautschneider), Steve Warburton, Anthea Williams, Amanda van Gils, David Glyn Davies, Geoff Roderick
6-Mar 23-Mar Tilt Contemporary Art Reflecting on innocence Paintings, photos and prints Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Mira Fine Art, Melbourne Emerging Artist Program Photography Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Dandenong Ranges Council Commnity Centre Terror Various Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    4 Cats, Melbourne Grains of our Lives Photography Man Fred (Krautschneider)
    Musswellbrook Musswelbrook Photographic Award Photography Man Fred (Krautschneider)




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